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Design Charrette, Book, and Report

May 17, 2018


My experience as a Seattle Uber driver is going pretty well to say the least. I have given over 3,000 rides, driven over 25,000 miles, and have a decent amount of 5 star experiences on my record. Not too Shabby. So why exactly am I Uber driving and not working in my field as a regular Transportation Planner? Well, let me give you the scoop. About 10-months ago I resigned from my desk job and had gone on plenty of interviews where I was told many things, but all of those comments resonated with a "Go for it" attitude. 





Here I am 10-months later Uber driving from 4:30am-9:30am, consulting + volunteering from 12pm-3pm/5pm, and Uber driving from 4pm-9pm. Trust me i'm in the bed by 10pm. Though what has changed is that now I am working on some projects that I am happy to announce to the public.


Design Charrette:


For the design charrette in September 2018 we plan to GO BIG, BE FUN, and BE CREATIVE. The event will be hosted at Impact Hub Seattle in downtown Pioneer Square. I am working with Brock Howell, Principal for Bicycle Security Advisors in Seattle, WA to plan and organize this event. If you are interested in the event please contact me at (Blitzurbanism@gmail.com).


Looking at how traditional and current cities have been planned just doesn't cut it anymore. What makes what our approach at Smash the Box Planning sustainable, innovative, and inclusive is that we will be taking a different or proactive approach on how we go about planning and designing our city for self-driving cars. This will be done by having a diverse crowd of public & professionals sit at the table to envision our future city. Just having engineers alone solving all of our problems with unrealistic algorithms along with a non- well rounded perspective of meeting communities needs isn't going to cut it either. We no longer can have this top down approach of how to design our cities, we need a fresh way of looking at implementing autonomous vehicles safely, making sure they will be accessible for all, and actually be able to adapt to our communities needs. The design charrette is going to help provide the community with a dialogue which people can give feedback for how we can start having this new technology help us with our everyday lives.  

Date: September 2018




Right now I am putting together a book where I will be sharing my Uber driving stories and driving experiences. It's going to have an Aziz Ansari comic relief + be an enjoyable read + be a book where you can takeaway something from it. I want this book to be able to used in universities, but also be light and easy to read while your on the bus, rail, park, etc...   


Date to be released : TBA 



But wait there's more! As i've been driving around the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area or Puget Sound Region, I have been documenting our transportation system. The information that i've  been collecting is not solely looking at my driving analysis of our street, but as well as what Seattle's perception is of self-driving cars. With the analysis will come design recommendations embodying the qualitative data from our transportation system and qualitative data from the passengers I am picking up from Uber driving. 


Date to be released : TBA 








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