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Autonomous Vehicle & Urban Planning Presentation

April 26, 2017

Yesterday I had a the opportunity to present on why Urban Planners should start planning for Autonomous Vehicles. I gave the hour long presentation to Crystal Taylor's, Visiting Urban Studies Assistant Professor, students at Cleveland State University via the Join.Me app. I enjoyed every minute of giving this presentation given that the Planning & Tech students were just as eager in learning  about how we as Planners need to start devoting attention towards Self-Driving Cars. This was the first time that the Urban Studies Cleveland State University's department has been introduced to this topic. 


Key Themes in this presentation: AV 101 + High Definition AV Maps + AV & Transportation Planning



Some of the topics I went over included the basics of AV, such as V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle Technology) & V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure Technology). I found a perfect video that describes some of the latest semi-autonomous features for V2I technology. The video depicts Audi's most recent Traffic Light Information feature. If you're curious about who Audi partnered with to develop this technology check out Traffic Tech Services


Some of the questions asked during the presentation:


1. People are concerned about security and hacking issues: This is called the Blue Screen of Death. Yes, the U.S. Department of Transportation & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  has released their 2016 AV policy in policy which includes issues that cover Cybersecurity. 


As planners we have to recognize that their our topics we must address, but redirect because our focus is more on providing accessible transportation for all. 


2. What will the price be for owning a vehicle? Well, considering that rideshares are not only popular for people who live in bigger cities, but are more economically feasible.  It's more prone that these vehicles are going to be part of that shared economy model in which you rent AV, instead of owning. Although the idea of ownership is deeply embedded in our US economy, future & current generations who are witnessing the hardships of Student Loans are more likely to rent AV's instead of owning them. Lyft is working with General Motors in making this Shared Economy Model work for making this new mode of transit accessible for all. 



If anyone is interested in having me present on Autonomous Vehicles in Transit Planning, please feel free to contact me via my email (blitzurbanism@gmail.com). 



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